Meet Yans

Yans is the author of Think Like A Queen and Miss Frugalicious, books which teach women on proper money management & investing.

When she was in college, her parents went through a financial crisis that caused a lot of distress in their family. From then she knew she had to take a path less taken: learn how to take charge of her money so that she can help her parents get back on track with their finances.

After graduating under the San Martin De Porres Scholarship with a degree in AB-Legal Management at UST, she started working as an employee while beginning her financial journey as well.

She spent her spare time learning more about financial planning, business, investing, and real estate – all for personal consumption and implementing the strategies for her and her family’s own finances.

Eventually, she felt the itch to share these knowledge to Filipinos who want to take charge of their life and money but found it hard to relate to all the technical & math stuff  involved.

She believes that women should also be empowered through financial literacy, so that they acquire the confidence to face life’s challenges that take toll on all their relationships, self-love and independence.

With her  fresh and bias-free approach in financial education, ladies can find comfort in dealing with that ‘taboo’ topic that is money.

Being a firm believer of the Philippine economy’s potential to become a top performer in Asia and the World, Yans is passionate about educating more Filipinos on seeing (and scrutinizing) financial opportunities in this digital age.

Certifications/ Licenses:

Licensed Real Estate Broker (REB), by Professional Regulation Commission

Registered Financial Planner® (RFP® by RFP Philippines

Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI)  by National Financial Educators Council (NFEC-USA)