This is Yans. Welcome to my world. 😉

Are you sure you want to be here?

Why?? Get out of here as soon as you can! Now na.. dali!


Seriously, I’m still thinking of a way to introduce myself to you in third person without being awkward about it. You know –  that struggle between avoiding too much use of the pronoun “I”, but wanting to write in a more personal, relaxed approach.

Since I prefer the latter, allow me to speak to you in first person. (Why am I even asking for permission, blog ko naman ito diba?) Lol

So here it goes…

Hello again, I’m Yans.

Employee on weekdays; writer, coach and advocate on weeknights; student on Saturdays; and investor/ entrepreneur on Sundays.

24/7 trying to understand my purpose here on earth, while juggling it with real world obligations.

Being a professional perfectionist who hates failing but fails repeatedly anyway, I struggled in accepting my weaknesses, including my depression. My MDD eventually led me to mindless spending, and debt.

One of my main therapies that helped me overcome my condition was studying about personal finance, real estate and entrepreneurship. Not only did it help me conquer my money struggles, learning these things also helped me on a deeper level. Somehow, when I was reading books, attending seminars, workshops and courses relating to these topics, I would forget about the destructive thoughts lingering on my mind.

My classmates in these classes (who usually come from financial and real estate industries) would wonder why I am studying with them, and would be shookt when I’d say… “wala lang, bet ko lang”. How can I explain the real reason? I never really knew.

Found myself wondering about what will I do with all the certifications I acquired when I initially intended them for personal consumption. Then one day, it struck me… I want to coach people who are undergoing crises I’ve had experienced.

Thus, the Break Free Newsletter & Miss Frugalicious was born.

How will this story end? I don’t know for now, but I hope it’s gonna be a happy ever after. 🙂

P.S. If you want to get to know more about me (just in case you’re wondering if I’m a robot or something), feel free to visit these stuff:

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