About Yans


Hola! Kamusta? 🙂 I’m Yans!

Welcome to my site!

Before anything else, let me introduce you to my right brain: the Creative Yans!

Dancing was my thing when I was way younger, until such time that fell in love with Theater Arts. All the way to college- I was active on and off stage to help produce college-level theater productions at our University. From stage & props designs, to technical (lights & music) designs, to directorial works – yes, I’ve gone through it.

But all throughout these years, I guess one thing remains: my love for literature & writing. My writing evolved from  personal musings as a 14-year-old, to more recently – some adulting sh*t. ?

Trivia: Sometimes I daydream about becoming a successful poet and novelist too; but I guess that has to take a backseat because my interest had also grown for the non-fiction/self-help genres, specifically on personal finance & entrepreneurship.

Speaking of, let me tell you about my left-brain too – the Logical Yans!

I had always been interested in entrepreneurship, investing, laws, and yes- physics. Back in college, I took a pre-law-slash-management course. Ang saya kaya aralin ng mga batas at mga management principles!

But I guess through it all, my approach to learning has always been on the arts side. Yung kahit mga science and logical stuff- I would view them as a piece of art or artwork. Ang weird ba?! HAHA

What do I do now?

Currently, I am working as a corporate professional in a group of start-up companies involved in pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing. That’s my day job.

At night and on weekends, I live a “secret” life fulfilling my passion projects. One of them is coaching creative Filipinas on how they can turn-around their financial life, through financial healing and self-care.

Think of it as the joint-forces of my left and right brains.

So what, Yans?!

Since graduating from college 7 years ago, I’ve had a lot of shares of “yeheys!” and “boo-hoos!” and I guess that makes me qualified to teach people what I’ve learned so far. What do you think?

Currently, I am working on my one-on-one coachings, and soon I’ll be launching my group coaching na! Woot woot! But one of these days, you’ll also hear me talk about my youtube vlog, podcast and books. Saya ba? Excited ka na? Ako rin eh! Lol

Okay, sige na. See you around! ?


Professional Designations:

Registered Financial Planner (RFP)

Chartered Trust and Estate Planner (CTEP)

Certified Financial Education Instructor (CFEI)

Licensed Real Estate Broker (REB)