How To Nurture Your Email Subscribers

Now that you’ve learned that email list is your best online asset, plus the strategies to build your email list, it’s time to drill down to ‘WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?’!

Buckle your seat up because this is going to be a shocking fun ride.

First of all, let’s set our objective to either close a discovery call, or sell a course | coaching program with your prospect by building an email list.

That is definitely the destination we’re aiming for.

And yet you didn’t want to come off as sales-y or spammy, correct?

Nobody likes trash!

That’s why you and I are talking here in the first place – we want to strategize a way to make your launch / re-launch a success.


Which leads us to my second point: I want you to come in the place of HELPING, not selling.

I don’t even have to convince you to do this – you are in the HELPING business after all.

You and I know that we are here to give value to people’s lives.

So what are the things to aim for in your email nurturing strategies?

Read on.


The 2 GOALS for Email Nurturing and How to Rock them:


  • Encourage them to reply to you, or take any action- by clicking a link to your blog post or another person’s blog that could be helpful to them.
  • Replying to you will let Google or their email service provider (ESP) know that you are a legit person and what you are sending is legit. When their ESP trusts you, your message will end up in the RIGHT folder (Inbox or Primary), thereby increasing your open rate.
  • KEY: Always have a Call To Action on your message.



  • Whether they forward it to one, two or 10 of their friends – that’s totally up to your advantage. Imagine getting FREE exposure and referral from your warm leads. Their friends and family will be aware of what you do as an expert. This increases your credibility and exposure.
  • The KEY here is to have a SHAREABLE and VALUABLE content on your niche.
  • And again, just below the Sign off portion of your message, put your Freebie Signup Link so that the people who received the forwarded message can opt to become an official part of your email list.

But it doesn’t end there.


Remember these points to make your email marketing strategy work:

A. Make sure that they sign up first with their email before giving them the freebie. Some other coaching business owners make the mistake of giving the freebie too soon – without even collecting their emails! That’s ridiculous.

B. Never spam! We all hate spams. Ugh. The last thing you’d want to do is bombard your list with promotional and sales emails. If you do that, you’d either end up on their spam folder (and never be seen again), or you’ll get too many unsubscribes! Yikes.

Once they are inside your email list make sure to give VALUE by:

  1. Educating
  2. Inspiring
  3. Entertaining

C. On your email content:

  • Remember that they are human beings – and every life decision is an emotional decision (whether your client/customer admit it or not).

Their logic/reason would tell them that they don’t need your help at all. Or perhaps they do know – but they are afraid to acknowledge it. So, speak to their emotions before hacking into their reasons.

  • Clarify your brand voice from the beginning – and use that brand’s tone on your emails.
  • What you aim for is to make them feel that you are their FRIEND. Don’t be robotic or corporate in your tone.


You won’t get it perfect right away. And I’ve said before, what works for another’s campaign may or may not work for you. The only way to know what works is to bring your email campaign out there, observe the audience’s response, and tweak for any improvements. No secret formula, no BS.


With my previous experience as a marketing strategist – Yes, I helped my clients with their social media campaigns, but I totally encouraged them to build their email lists, because that’s where the real interaction & conversion with their client happens.



How to Start Building Your Email List Without Spending a Dime on Ads

You tried every social media strategy you know and nothing’s working out

– at least not at the rate that you’re expecting it.

Here you are, making a risky start of confounding your life with complex digital marketing campaigns that don’t exactly guarantee success.

I mean of all people, you thought you should know better, right?

Your time is too valuable to waste.

You knew that marketing your coaching business is all about convincing people that they needed help with their life – and you’re the right person to go to.

But I get you – it’s getting too exhausting to mind your marketing.

Well, today is a great day for you because things are about to change!

If you’re tired of thinking a way to gather quality leads that are potential prospects for your coaching business, then read on.


How to Start Building Your Email List Without Spending a Dime on Ads

  1. Utilize Speaking Gig opportunities

Have you ever been invited (or volunteered) for a speaking gig before an audience that could qualify as your Target Client?

Here’s how you can maximize it:

  • Anywhere during your talk, ask the audience to go to your site or page, and for them to download that free budget guide, or debt recovery master checklist, or whatever VALUABLE freebie from you- in exchange for their email.
  • If you don’t have a website – ask them to sign up on your form by your booth found inside the venue, so that you can email them the free guide.
  • Or – on your visual presentation – put your business mobile number and have them message you their email address and name, and you will email them with the download link of your freebie
  • Or let them email you and you will reply with your freebie.
  • If you want sophistication and want to automate everything- you can look for an email automation app. I think MailChimp and Mailerlite are free for the first 1000 or 2000 subscribers – and you could build your free page there too.


  1. Nurture your Previous and Current Clients

This is easier since you already have their contact information

  • all you must do is set-up your email automation campaign (or do it manually, it’s up to you really).
  • Prepare your Freebie in a way that they can easily download it.
  • Google drive link or dropbox link would do. If you want a more branded or shortened link, use “bit[dot]ly” or your website page URL that redirects to your google drive or dropbox link.
  • Then tell them you are sending a freebie on their way, and for them to watch out for it.


  1. Work Smart with Your Business Card or Book
  • Put your sign-up URL on your business card or book cover, and put a short description of what FREEBIE they can get when they visit it.
  • This works well on conferences and networking events – whether you are coming as a speaker or not.
  • Make sure that these events are where your Target Clients are found.


  1. On your social media profiles– on your bio or website box – put your freebie’s link. This way, you can casually tell your new-found friends to connect with you on Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook, etc., and when they are there, they will see your Freebie Link where they can signup to your email.


  1. If you are using a personal brand for your coaching business, start being involved in Facebook & Linkedin Groups where your Ideal Client belongs, and give value on your expertise there. Post Video contents on your Youtube channel, FB page, or IGTV, and share the link to the groups (as long as the group admin allows it).
  • Either partner with the Admins for a free webinar for their members or share your success stories and other engaging posts within the group.
  • Always be compliant to the community rules set forth by the admins – otherwise, you’ll risk being kicked out of such incredible medium.


  1. Basically, every opportunity of exposure you get to have them signup to your email list – is a PLUS point!

Now I’d like to talk about what you will do once they signup to your subscribers and we’ll talk about that in my next post: How To Nurture Your Email Subscribers

What is The Best Social Media Platform For Coaches?

Here is the question I always get from coaches:

“What is the BEST social media platform for me?”

And this is the answer they’d get from me:




Don’t get me wrong.

I didn’t mean that none of them works.

In fact, they ALL work.

The real question here is – Will it work for YOUR specific target CLIENT?


There Is No “One Size Fits All” Strategy

In my previous work as a Digital Marketing Strategies and Freelance Email Copywriter for Life, Financial and Relationship Coaches, I was able to help them reach out to their dream audience on various platforms.

One client of mine sought my help for her Instagram marketing, another client needed help with her Program Launch via Email Marketing, while another booked consultations with me for his Facebook ads campaign. Before I finally fully focused on Email Copywriting, my last Digital Marketing project was helping launch a successful LinkedIn lead generation campaign for another client.

And guess what?!

They are ALL coaches with different NICHES, therefore different target audience respectively. We worked on their brand clarity and market research first, then proceeded with the succeeding steps from there.

And all our campaigns worked successfully for each of them!


By simply listening to what their clients want and engaging where their clients are.


Stop Overthinking About Your Strategy

My point here is – don’t waste your time complicating things.

Most of the time, the simplest approaches give incredible outcomes.

All you have to think about is that your Ideal Client’s perspective always comes FIRST.

In your conversations with your Ideal Client – you will discover what platforms do they really use in their everyday lifestyle – or if they use anything at all!


Meet Them Halfway

Meeting your target clients where they are mentally, is the KEY to let them subconsciously recognize that you genuinely care for their transformation and success. When this happens, you are holding a space for them to open up, then eventually listen to what you’ve got to say.


Engagement is the Key

Now once you have identified what’s the right fit for your execution, the next step is to utilize it well.

The best online contents are the ones that incite people to Share it or Tag their friends on the comments. That’s basically how new people discover your business online. That’s how you hack the algorithm.

Yes – the likes and hearts do NOT do much other than validation – so they are wrong metrics (especially for FB and Instagram).

With that said, can you promise me something?

The next time you post a content – ask yourself: “Will this bring me quality engagement?”

If it doesn’t fit that criteria – it’s not going to work for your long-term marketing goals.


It Doesn’t End There

By now you’re probably thinking I’m trying to push you hard with your Socials.

Nobody’s doing that, my friend.

In fact, it’s the opposite of what I intend to do.

For beyond social media, what I advocate is this: TO BUILD YOUR EMAIL LIST.

Being on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc. – is like building your house on somebody’s land.

Meanwhile, your email list is like your OWN rental property that gives you recurring income – and it’s built on your OWN land.

It is the only online ASSET that you can manipulate based on what YOU want – not on what Zuck & friends want.

All social media platforms come and go – but Email is here to stay.

Come to think of it: what is that one thing you must have before creating those social media accounts?


Your Email Address.

What is that one thing you use for both professional & personal communications?

You’re right!

It’s your Email Address.

Is this the same case with your ideal clients?

You bet- yeah!

It’s not surprising that large brands who tempt your clients to buy stuff from them, invest millions of dollars on email marketing more than any other platform.

This is simply because for every dollar spent, their returns would be USD 44.

Conversion happens not at the top of the awareness funnel – but after deeper touchpoints – and no other platform can do this other than the ultimate OG – The EMAILS.


This is the reason why I am concentrating on honing and improving my craft as a Freelance Email Copywriter – I know that it is the key to conversion. 

Now unlike brands who sell stuff to your clients, I want you to be strategic and cost-efficient as you can be.

So how do you start building your email list other than creating a complex social media campaign to drive traffic?

That’s what I’ll talk about in the next post:  How to Start Building Your Email List Now.



Yans De Mesa is a Freelance Copywriter and Digital Marketing Strategist. She also has a regular dayjob helping her family’s pharmaceutical business with its executive communications strategies, digital marketing, copywriting and email marketing strategies.

She is based in the Philippines, but she had handled various clients both in her country and globally. Her expertise is on Converting Leads into Paying Clients [and Raving Fans] Through Persuasive Email Copy.

Yans is passionate about working with people who invest in themselves, work with integrity, and give prime value to their clients.

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