How to Start Building Your Email List Without Spending a Dime on Ads

You tried every social media strategy you know and nothing’s working out

– at least not at the rate that you’re expecting it.

Here you are, making a risky start of confounding your life with complex digital marketing campaigns that don’t exactly guarantee success.

I mean of all people, you thought you should know better, right?

Your time is too valuable to waste.

You knew that marketing your coaching business is all about convincing people that they needed help with their life – and you’re the right person to go to.

But I get you – it’s getting too exhausting to mind your marketing.

Well, today is a great day for you because things are about to change!

If you’re tired of thinking a way to gather quality leads that are potential prospects for your coaching business, then read on.


How to Start Building Your Email List Without Spending a Dime on Ads

  1. Utilize Speaking Gig opportunities

Have you ever been invited (or volunteered) for a speaking gig before an audience that could qualify as your Target Client?

Here’s how you can maximize it:

  • Anywhere during your talk, ask the audience to go to your site or page, and for them to download that free budget guide, or debt recovery master checklist, or whatever VALUABLE freebie from you- in exchange for their email.
  • If you don’t have a website – ask them to sign up on your form by your booth found inside the venue, so that you can email them the free guide.
  • Or – on your visual presentation – put your business mobile number and have them message you their email address and name, and you will email them with the download link of your freebie
  • Or let them email you and you will reply with your freebie.
  • If you want sophistication and want to automate everything- you can look for an email automation app. I think MailChimp and Mailerlite are free for the first 1000 or 2000 subscribers – and you could build your free page there too.


  1. Nurture your Previous and Current Clients

This is easier since you already have their contact information

  • all you must do is set-up your email automation campaign (or do it manually, it’s up to you really).
  • Prepare your Freebie in a way that they can easily download it.
  • Google drive link or dropbox link would do. If you want a more branded or shortened link, use “bit[dot]ly” or your website page URL that redirects to your google drive or dropbox link.
  • Then tell them you are sending a freebie on their way, and for them to watch out for it.


  1. Work Smart with Your Business Card or Book
  • Put your sign-up URL on your business card or book cover, and put a short description of what FREEBIE they can get when they visit it.
  • This works well on conferences and networking events – whether you are coming as a speaker or not.
  • Make sure that these events are where your Target Clients are found.


  1. On your social media profiles– on your bio or website box – put your freebie’s link. This way, you can casually tell your new-found friends to connect with you on Linkedin, Instagram or Facebook, etc., and when they are there, they will see your Freebie Link where they can signup to your email.


  1. If you are using a personal brand for your coaching business, start being involved in Facebook & Linkedin Groups where your Ideal Client belongs, and give value on your expertise there. Post Video contents on your Youtube channel, FB page, or IGTV, and share the link to the groups (as long as the group admin allows it).
  • Either partner with the Admins for a free webinar for their members or share your success stories and other engaging posts within the group.
  • Always be compliant to the community rules set forth by the admins – otherwise, you’ll risk being kicked out of such incredible medium.


  1. Basically, every opportunity of exposure you get to have them signup to your email list – is a PLUS point!

Now I’d like to talk about what you will do once they signup to your subscribers and we’ll talk about that in my next post: How To Nurture Your Email Subscribers

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