How To Nurture Your Email Subscribers

Now that you’ve learned that email list is your best online asset, plus the strategies to build your email list, it’s time to drill down to ‘WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?’!

Buckle your seat up because this is going to be a shocking fun ride.

First of all, let’s set our objective to either close a discovery call, or sell a course | coaching program with your prospect by building an email list.

That is definitely the destination we’re aiming for.

And yet you didn’t want to come off as sales-y or spammy, correct?

Nobody likes trash!

That’s why you and I are talking here in the first place – we want to strategize a way to make your launch / re-launch a success.


Which leads us to my second point: I want you to come in the place of HELPING, not selling.

I don’t even have to convince you to do this – you are in the HELPING business after all.

You and I know that we are here to give value to people’s lives.

So what are the things to aim for in your email nurturing strategies?

Read on.


The 2 GOALS for Email Nurturing and How to Rock them:


  • Encourage them to reply to you, or take any action- by clicking a link to your blog post or another person’s blog that could be helpful to them.
  • Replying to you will let Google or their email service provider (ESP) know that you are a legit person and what you are sending is legit. When their ESP trusts you, your message will end up in the RIGHT folder (Inbox or Primary), thereby increasing your open rate.
  • KEY: Always have a Call To Action on your message.



  • Whether they forward it to one, two or 10 of their friends – that’s totally up to your advantage. Imagine getting FREE exposure and referral from your warm leads. Their friends and family will be aware of what you do as an expert. This increases your credibility and exposure.
  • The KEY here is to have a SHAREABLE and VALUABLE content on your niche.
  • And again, just below the Sign off portion of your message, put your Freebie Signup Link so that the people who received the forwarded message can opt to become an official part of your email list.

But it doesn’t end there.


Remember these points to make your email marketing strategy work:

A. Make sure that they sign up first with their email before giving them the freebie. Some other coaching business owners make the mistake of giving the freebie too soon – without even collecting their emails! That’s ridiculous.

B. Never spam! We all hate spams. Ugh. The last thing you’d want to do is bombard your list with promotional and sales emails. If you do that, you’d either end up on their spam folder (and never be seen again), or you’ll get too many unsubscribes! Yikes.

Once they are inside your email list make sure to give VALUE by:

  1. Educating
  2. Inspiring
  3. Entertaining

C. On your email content:

  • Remember that they are human beings – and every life decision is an emotional decision (whether your client/customer admit it or not).

Their logic/reason would tell them that they don’t need your help at all. Or perhaps they do know – but they are afraid to acknowledge it. So, speak to their emotions before hacking into their reasons.

  • Clarify your brand voice from the beginning – and use that brand’s tone on your emails.
  • What you aim for is to make them feel that you are their FRIEND. Don’t be robotic or corporate in your tone.


You won’t get it perfect right away. And I’ve said before, what works for another’s campaign may or may not work for you. The only way to know what works is to bring your email campaign out there, observe the audience’s response, and tweak for any improvements. No secret formula, no BS.


With my previous experience as a marketing strategist – Yes, I helped my clients with their social media campaigns, but I totally encouraged them to build their email lists, because that’s where the real interaction & conversion with their client happens.



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